It is our privilege and pleasure to invite you and your colleagues to attend the 7th International Conference – New Trends on Sensing – Monitoring – Telediagnosis for Life Sciences, NT-SMT-LS 2024, Brașov, Romania, during September 20-22, 2024. 

The conference will bring together Romanian and foreign universities and leading representatives from international and national scientific research, as well as scientific and professional organizations. 

The conference is a possibility to present new results, discussions and exchanges of experience in (tele)diagnosis, -monitoring and -management in medicine, new trends in nutrition, food control and engineering sciences applied in life sciences. 

Companies are invited to become sponsor of this International Conference and to present their company products, demonstrating their expertise and product excellence. 

We would like our Conference to be a prestigious international event, which all participants remember fondly. However, we are aware that only your participation and involvement can ensure this. 

So, we are waiting to meet you and to have a strong scientific experience!